Site Survey and As-Built Documentation

We simplify commercial renovation and construction projects by delivering critical and precise As-built Documentation tailored to meet the needs of each client. Our as-built deliverable package includes a wide variety tools such as 3D models, 2D CAD plans, imaging, and reports to provide the essential information to successfully manage design data and inherently complex projects. Whether it’s a single location, a multi-site project, or a nationwide rollout, our team discovers the true existing conditions so we can work together to determine the best strategy for your project’s design.

Site Survey

Our ability to provide highly accurate and detailed deliverables starts with our investment and training in the latest equipment. Ranging from a laser meter to our 3D scanners and the software we use, every tool is specifically selected for precision. Accuracy during this stage is critical because a finished structure seldom corresponds exactly to the original plans. As a result of our high attention to detail, we are able to prevent common design and construction delays from occurring during later stages of the project’s life cycle.

Matterport 360 Scan

Matterport is the best 360° camera solution on the market since it takes high resolution images and incorporates Lidar measurements during the scanning process. Therefore, we are able to produce virtual walkthroughs that suit a variety of use-cases and are valuable for several reasons:
•It provides a detailed walkthrough for your design staff and contractors who are working off-site.
•It allows the design team to envision the potential of the space and plan accordingly without the inconvenience of visiting the site. •The walkthrough and other deliverables are accessible through our portal at any point in time, even after the project is completed.

Due Diligence Report

Due diligence is a rational thing to do when an entity is serious about buying or leasing a property. This process calls for the discovery and analysis of the important details concerning the property that could potentially help or hinder that project; it’s finding out the pros and cons of acquiring it for the entity’s planned use. Above all else, the due diligence process is about being proactive during the initial stages of the project, instead of reactive once contracts have been signed and money has been spent. At Kinetic Design, we leverage our multidisciplinary staff to identify and address these potential areas of concerns on projects throughout the nation.

As-built Plans

As-built drawings provide an up-to-date plan of the interior layout of spaces and exterior features, which is crucial information since deviations from the original architect’s design are common given prior uses and construction modifications. As a result of our dedicated survey staff, as well as our talented architects and engineers, our as-builts provide a strong foundation for project efficiency and success.