Program Management Services

Kinetic Design offers decades of experience and our versatile staff to successfully manage your multi-site or program rollout initiative. Further, we are structured to manage the demanding pace of any program, ensuring a balance between speed and precision. Our dedicated team is not just committed to aesthetics and functionality, but also to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and executing your vision with precision and passion.

Owner's Representation

We go beyond conventional management by representing your interests directly. This includes meticulous budget management, utilities coordination, and correspondence with your vendors.

Nationwide Reach

We provide customized project management and an array of services nationwide, which yields seamless communication and timely progress from inception to permit-ready documents.

Rollout Efficiency

Our expertise encompasses the initial site survey phase to the final construction documents. This results in a fluid transition through all stages of the project.

Brand Integration

By deeply understanding your brand's ethos and objectives, we create environments that are more than spaces; they're brand experiences that keep your customers coming back for more!

Design Manual

This comprehensive guide serves as your project's central reference; offering detailed architectural plans, merchandise displays, and furniture blueprints. It ensures uniformity and clarity on all your projects.

Value Engineering

We don’t just design, we innovate. During our evaluation of your design prototype, we will highlight potential enhancements, thus ensuring a harmonious blend of design, utility, and economy.

Operations & Reporting

Our team utilizes advanced tools and technology to proactively identify and address each project's challenges. Further, we serve as your single point of contact to provide timely updates and oversee project progress.

Project Excellence

From kickoff to completion, our process encourages open-minded collaboration, speed to market, and transparent communication to guide your vision to execution and strengthen our partnership.