Permit Expediting Services

Navigate complex jurisdictional requirements effortlessly with our in-house permit processing and expediting services. We guarantee timely project progression, efficient handling of plan check revisions, and swift acquisition of necessary permits.

City Departments

We provide expert navigation across various city departments including: Planning, Building & Safety, Engineering, Health, and Fire Safety.

Due Diligence

Our comprehensive Due Diligence provides accurate fee and timeline estimates, insightful responses to critical inquiries, and proactive research to identify and mitigate potential issues.

Document Collection

Our team collects and meticulously reviews all documents to assemble complete and thorough submittal packets.

Plan Submittal

You can count on us to actively participate in plan check meetings, as well as manage all the associated paperwork, their receipts, and fee payments.

Comments & Corrections

Our team strategically negotiates on your behalf, seamlessly coordinates revisions with all stakeholders, and promptly resubmits permit packets.

Ready to Issue

We're here to manage the final steps of the permitting process which includes: finalizing fee calculations, assisting contractors, and preparing the final ready-to-issue paperwork.